I experienced iPrint Driver profile issue recently, and asked about it in here last week. It was resolved by applying "novell-iprint-server-JUN2010".
But another ciritcal problem again after server rebooting.

Server: OES2SP2 on SLES10SP3
iManager is 2.7.3 Field Patch 2 -- 20100114

I did all server reboot for maintenance today but after server reboot, iPrint Driver profile fails on initialization on iManager.

I did restarted services by;
rcapache2 restart
rcnovell-idsd restart
rcnovell-ipsmd restart
and all show running; however, but Driver Profile status is still DOWN on iManager.

The server was restarted a few times but no luck.
eDirectory sync is fine. No problem on ndsrepair -E and ndsrepair -T

On iManager, Driver Profile status is DOWN, while Print Manager is Active.

The log shows - /var/opt/novell/log/iprint/idsd.log

Jul 6 14:07:56 WARNING directoryLogin(): Unable to bind to directory server as object CN=DriverStore,OU=123,O=ABC (Error=FFFFFDA7)
Jul 6 14:07:56 WARNING Failed to set idsd configuration information in directory object(s) specified in configuration file (Error=1). Retry in 5 seconds...
Jul 6 14:08:01 WARNING idsd configuration information was not set in some of the directory objects specified in the configuration file

Could you give me some advise to resolve this problem, pls?
iPrint Driver Profile is always pain in here.