We have just built new images for our Dell PC rollout coming up. We have
Optiplex GX280's and Latitude D505's. My laptop image has been randomly
locking the entire system where we have to power it off. I have narrowed
it down to CLNTRUST hanging, and have been banging my head against the
wall trying to figure this out. Well guess what, we have SAVCE 9.0
installed with POP3SMTP option. So I will be looking into this ASAP. The
lockup happens so randomly I'm not surprised it didn't happen to Novell
when they tested it. The usual scenario is, a user logs in, client trust
runs from the login script (we've tried 3 versions) and the key goes to
the tray. The PC is fine until you open IE, thats when CLNTRUST hangs and
the BM cookie authentication screen appears, however, by this time the pc
is so locked up you have to reboot it. This can't be just coinicidence so
there is a problem!!