I'm going to be installing new OES2 SP2a replica servers this summer and would like to know what best practices would be for setting up partitions.

Reiser still seems to be the default, but I'm understanding the future will not be Reiser.

EXT3 seems to be the most like Reiser in that it works well with small files.
I was concerned though when I saw a note about 5,000 files being the limit in a directory, so wonder if this is not so good. SLES 11 sounds like it will support EXT3 by default.

XFS seems to be meant for large files.

This might seem like an easy question, but I have not found a TID or Novell Cool solution which documents what would be best practices for setting up a new OES2 SP2a server.

Function for this server would be to hold eDirectory replicas.

Also, will be setting up a couple of servers with following additional services:

1. Novell Storage Manager - any additional comments or changes

2. Identity Manager Bundle - plan to move from Netware to Linux.
(I believe latest version would be 3.61)