Hello, i get a little Problem.

i create a Windows-bundle
.msi application
path: \\myfileserver\myshare\myApp.msi

everything ok.

no i want to install myApp.msi at a Host i assign the bundle works. No Problem!
ok, now i want to deinstall myapp with this Bundle.

i deactivate install and activate Deinstall at the Bundle-Properties. I raise the version numer of the bundle and refresh the ZenAgent.

yes... and now... nothing.
nothing happens... i've reassigned the bundle. nothing.
put it on the desktop an click it, nothing.
deassigned the bundle nothing...

it doesnt work.
i can
launch (per Zenworks bundle)
msiexec.exe /x myapp.msi... but not deinstall with windows-bundle

does anybody get an Idea??