I'm having a problem with NetStorage after adding an OES2 Linux cluster to my existing tree. The OES2 Linux cluster is configured for file and print services and I'm in the process of slowly migrating folders and users off one system and onto the others. NetStorage is still running from a NetWare 6.5 SP5 server.

I've moved data and either created new drive mappings or changed existing drive mappings to point to the cluster virtual server (by name, not IP address) in the login scripts. The login scripts appear to be working fine and users get access to everything they should when logging in from a workstation using a Novell client.

The problem is that when those same users connect into NetStorage, the folders / mapped drives pointing to the new server show up in the list of folders exactly the way they should but appear to be completely empty.

Any idea why this is behaving like this and, more important, how I can fix it?