Anyone around here mess with model rockets? Me and my 8 year old are
starting to get into them, we want to launch a video camera up with the
rocket and record the video.

Over on eBay there are these "808 Key chain camera" (search on that to find
them) that appear to be something that might work short of buying the retail
video rocket for $80+ which with my luck would get caught up in a tree!
These key chain video recording cameras are cheap so it's no big thing if
one get's lost or damaged, the best part is that they appear to very small
and have little weight.

My thoughts are to disassemble one from it's plastic keychain housing and
reassemble it in a nose cone of a rocket. I'm not shy from crafting my own
but what are the issues in adding weight to the upper nose cone of a model
rocket and what should one be looking out for?

Some sort of wobbling rocket racing around at ground level comes to mind
should things go south! It's not like it's rocket science or anything......
but I guess it is!!