I am trying to deploy CS5 over the network. I have the AAMEE and have created a MSI file for Dreamweaver. I place all files that are created on a network share that is available to everyone and create AO to reference it. I can install the program with an account that has local admin rights but logged in as a non-admin user, I get a error 1603 and the installation quits. I have tried user, secure system user and unsecure system user. I have tried to manipulate the MSI file. It seems that the machine settings that the AO uses, gets the object started, but when the bootstrapper program that actually does the installation tries to start, it fails due to inadequate user rights. I am somewhat new to application deployment so forgive me if I am ignorant of something that I should not have overlooked. Does anyone else have this type of issue and if you have been able to solve it, how! Any information will be appreciated.