I need some advise about GWTUNER on XP.

I am creating mst file for GroupWise8SP1HP1 but it is unable to create it due to the error, "A Windows Installer Database error has occurred: 0 (110)".

Server: NetWare6.5SP8
GroupWise: GW8SP1HP1
Client: Windows XP SP3 + Novell Client 4.91SP5

I never seen such a problem before but happens on GroupWise8.

According to my research, it seems it is failing to generate mst file due to permission or something else.

I am using eDirectory admin account, so I have a power to create a file on the folder on \gw8\client folder manually of course on GW8 server.
I can create a file and folder on the folder but GWTUNER fails.

I run GWTUNER from network drive on GroupWise8 server and local on XP but the result is the same.
I copied \client folder from the server to XP local and run GWTUNER on XP local but the error message is the same.
I am also administrator on XP computer.

I finish to upgrade GroupWise from 7 to 8 successfully but stuck in here.