Ok... Here is the lowdown. I've got a BM server and behind it are several
servers and clients. Some with internal IP's and some with valid external
IP's... I got a few new servers and I wante dot use internal IP's and us
static NAT. Sounds simple enough. How I've set it up is the in inetcfg
on the BM server the external NIC is setup with a 169.x.x.x address the
public NIC. The internal nic also has a valid external IP of 164.x.x.x
but for the sake of this purpose I have it marked as the private NIC.
There is also a IP mapping on the internal card as well. I have
the new servers with 10.8.0.x ip's. I setup one of the new servers with a
webserver and then went back to inetcfg on the public card binding and in
the nat table I tried to setup a mapping to map 164.x.x.8 to It
will not let me do this. It gives an error that the private address is
already paired with public address blah blah blah in such and such's
Network translation table.

I've obviously really missed something big here. Can ayone help me out of
this mess?