Hi all.
Was having problems with AutoAdminLogon and the Novell Client.
Although it would autologon onto Novell, when trying to passthrough to windows I would receive "the local username or password is incorrect".

If I set the Novell Login to OFF in the Novell Client properties, then the AutoAdminLogon works a treat.
I was basically setting AutoAdminLogon by adding the appropriate registry keys, including the DefaultPassword key (this autologon was at first boot after WS was imaged, so I couldn't do it manually using control userpasswords2).

I found that if Novell Login was set to ON, instead of reading the password from the registry (for the Winlogon section) it would read it from the LSA (HKLM\Security\.....\Secrets area), even if nothing was set there.

Does anyone know if this is expected behaviour?
The password needs to be stored in the Novell registry area to allow Novell to log in, so it doesn't need to use LSA for the Windows logon considering the password is already in plain text.

As I said, the registry password is used instaed of LSA when Novell Logon is set to OFF, so it seems that the Novell Client is causing an issue here? What do you think?