I have an app that we access over the internet via a 3.7 proxy that works
fine. It runs on Windows 2000 and is called citrix metaframe xp. The
browser puts an ica client on the local pc and the users login fine going
via the 3.7 proxy.

We have now put in a 3.8 proxy and are having timeout problems with the
citrix app.
We can quite happily put the 3.7 proxy IP address in the browser and it
works all the time, but the 3.8 proxy hangs after a few minutes or sometimes
it is OK for 20 mins before disconnecting you.

The 3.7 proxy is also a firewall.
The 3.8 proxy is on the dmz, the firewall which hosts the dmz leg is also a
3.8 server.

Any ideas as to why this is happening.