... doesn't work.

Documentation says to hold down the Command key and begin selecting.
It doesn't work.

Ctrl-A selects all. holding down shift selects a range.
Under windows, the ctrl key and mouse clicks can select multiple messages.

under mac, we're apparently screwed, as this was either not implemented, or is buggy.

Is there another version that fixes this, or does a Java update (down-date) fix this?

Highly annoying. I'd like to stop using my **** windows box asap and just use the mac.


Program Release: 8.0.1 8/25/2009 (gwclient.jar)
Build Number: 88138.9629
Username: REDACTED (O8T)
Post Office: XXXXPO1
TCP/IP address:
TCP/IP port: 1678
Java Runtime Version : 1.6.0_20-b02-279-10M3065 (Apple)
Platform: Mac OS X / 10.6.4 / i386