I see two TID's that seem to contradict each other.

One TID (3414437) implies that the site list in ZFD utilizes a context match/lookup to determine the site to use.

But another TID (3396918) seems to indicate that it's based on the Novell Client settings and even then, it will only use the server whose connection status shows up as "unlicensed". (this TID says that ONLY if the Novell Client is NOT present will it use IP Costing).

I think I even ran across a Third TID that said it DID use IP costing based upon the Novell Cilent settings.

So which is it?

I had a user login to a remote site (with a local server, and that server held a replica of the NAL object in question--even though the eDir containers were not the same--meaning I don't replicate an: APPS container).

Instead of grabbing the files from the local server, it only connected to the servers at our main site and pulled the files from there (of course, I can't go and turn on debug logging AFTER the fact).

I have verified my eDir stuff is correct (35 App objects, same GUID is synced up, the Site List is built). App in the main office is associated to the USER object (not the workstation). App in the "regional" office is not currently asosciated to anyone (but I don't believe that matters).

Novell Client is set to use IP costing of 2 (ICMP ECHO) because subnet mask won't work in our main office (we have like 50 subnets in the main office and the servers are on additional subnets, so it would never find a match).

Although I did notice my name resolution is set to "2" instead of the default of "10".

I know I've had it working before, but have to do some testing tomorrow or the day after with debug logging enabled.