We run GW6, sp2, BM7. I want to be able to access the GW Monitoring
utilities remotely. This is a utility which runs on an NT/XP box and
listens on port 8200. When I unload ipflt and filtsrv I can get
through, however, when they are loaded I cannot.

GW Monitor is running on 10.1.1.xxx. I have a Generic Proxy set up with
port 8200 going from 10.1.1.xxx to 64.169.213.xxx. My problem is with
the filters. I used the ones specified in Craig's Filter Exceptions
book for the Novell Remote Manager on Generic TCP Proxy on SEc IP
Address and just replaced the 8008 address with 8200, but that didn't
work. I'm hoping I don't have to use a static nat, but I might because
of the nature of GW Monitor, in that it may act as it's own web server,
but I'm not sure about that.

Any guidance is appreciated.