I'm just setting up GroupWise WebAccess (internal server) and NetStorage
(BM Server) and am wondering whether to use Reverse Proxies or Packet
Filtering. (NSBS 6.5 SP2 + BM 3.8 SP2)

In testing the setup, I have got reverse proxies working (using 3 filters
each from Craig's book) - in each case using secondary addresses bound to
the public interface - and for NetStorage a secondary address bound to the
private interface.

But is this the best approach?

At present both GWWA and NS are not using SSL and I'm not happy about that.

If I use an Apache redirect to listen to the NS public IP:80 and redirect
to the NS private IP:443, what do I need to do to get the NS Reverse Proxy
to work?


Colin Quine

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