I've got a 10MB limit on all GWIA email, and to limit unnecessary traffic I've also got a Link Configuration limit *to* the GWIA's domain (it's on its own domain) of 10MB.

When a user attempts to send an email larger than 10MB, they get the following reply back:

"Message cannot be delivered because administrator has enforced message transfer size limitation."

...plus info specific to the email (subject, size, limit, etc). The domain admin email account also gets copied on these notices. Unfortunately, users are apparently not reading this message, as it seems the first thing they do when they get it is...resend the email. Then they resend it again. And then again. My record of resend attempts is 38, and this on a 250MB attachment, until I had to call her on the phone and ask her to stop. Her response? "But it kept coming back..." !!!

Normally this is not a major concern, but now we're enforcing email retention policies using GWAVA Retain, and all of these items are stuck in the Sent folder (or Trash) and ultimately end up in Retain for our 5-year retention policy. I'm waiting breathlessly for the next 4.7GB "retry storm" (yes, she did, 12 times) to really fill up my Retain drive quickly...yeah, I'm looking to get approval on space limitations...

So, finally, my question: is there an easy way to change that domain error message, such that I can clearly and assertively notify the user why their email was not delivered, and that resending is for naught? The ability to use red letters, 24-point fonts, capitalization, italics, and underlines is a big plus....(just kidding...mostly...)