I've set up two access points to test connectivity to my Data Synchronizer box. One through my BM box using HTTP acceleration and one through a quick NW65 box I just put together as a test for NAT.

Box 1 (BM) - Using my HTC TP2 when I try to access the datasync server using http or https I get an invalid address or cannot locate server. With a web browser I get an SSL certificate error. Which I would expect this, because I'm still waiting my SSL certificate.

Box 2 - On the second box using NAT. I have two public addresses, one a general and one static routed to the datasync box. My phone is unable to connect. I am able to ping and trace route to the primary public address of the box, but not the secondary used for static NAT. I am not sure if this means that NAT is working correctly or not. When I disable NAT I can ping the secondary address. Implicit NAT filtering is disabled.

When I ping the NAT address is it trying to forward the ping to the datasync box?

It my understanding that NAT always replies through the primary address. How can you test? Also, I haven't read anywhere that you only need a single public IP to NAT. If I set NAT to static only can I us a single ip?

I've since set the public NIC to single public IP, without NAT enabled I can ping the public IP from the Internet, with NAT enable and implicit NAT disabled I can not ping the box. I still can not access the Data Synchronizer box.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.