BM 3.6 sp 2, Netware 5.1 SP6

United Streaming downloads video overnight. If I have to restart my
Netware server where I save videos or my workstation that provides
management of the download process, I lose information about the
previously downloaded videos. Typically US will first check my download
location to see if the download has already been sent and then will send
the download if necessary so losing the history info is not a major
issue. If proxy and filters are loaded, the check for the existing file
does not work and the files are downloaded again. This process works
when proxy and filters are not loaded. We use CyberPatrol. The rest
of the download process works, just the file checking is an issue. With
over 500 videos already downloaded, I don't want to redo them each time
I have a new request. Your thoughts are appreciated. Thanks Nancy

Nancy B. Royall
Director of Tech
Richmond County Public Schools
Warsaw, VA 22572