I am having a problem with app migration. I am able to migrate apps but some are not working after migration. I am migrating msi snapshots that are working in an existing 6.5 environment. However once migrated some apps install fine where others do not. All are migrated as Network MSI installs.

For example I have two apps that are in the same container assigned to the same user. Both apps were setup using AdminStudio to create a snapshot msi. Since the apps are migrated as Network MSI installs the actual install msi file is still resident on a zen 6.5 server (both on the same server). The strange thing is that even though the particular user I am testing with has read and file scan rights to the file(s), one installs just fine while the other encounters an error and fails. The error that is given (This installation package could not be opened.) does not give very much information. Is there a way that I can get more information as to why it is unable to open the file? Oh and if you manually run the file from the command line using msiexec it installs fine. The install for both are set to run as the logged in user with elevated admin privileges.

Also it seems like the only way I can get the launcher to refresh is if I do it manually. I am unable to find anywhere where you can set the launcher auto refresh time.