Our product uses jcifs to connect to cifs servers. It works fine with OpenSuse and standard MS SMV, Mac OSX but has problems with OES Cifs.

1) If there are more files in the share than the fetchSize pararameter in jcifs then you only get fetchSize number of files returned when it lists the directory.

2) if you increase the fetchSize to higher than the number of files in the share. For example you set the fetchSize to 2000 and there are 500 files in the directory and you can see the 500 files. If there are 600 then it pukes.

We submitted wireshark traces to JCIFS and they responded with :

The LastNameOffset in the Trans2FindFirst2Response in your packet
capture (which you stated is Novell OES 2) points to the byte
immediately *after* the last entry in the file list.

Windows always points to the beginning of the last entry as would be
expected. Although historically this field has always been a little
troubled. Windows 98 returns a value that falls between the
begging and end of the last entry (and last I checked JCIFS handles
this properly). But I've never seen LastNameOffset point beyond the
end of the last entry.