Running ZEN 7 SP1 IR4(?)
I have recently started doing lights out installs of applications. Previously I would just install an program at user login time but as unsecure system user. Many programs we install have another app or two that we like to run to set program settings/registry keys/etc. In the old way I would call autorun.exe and have the Application Explorer refresh itself.

Now that I'm doing apps associated to workstation objects I would like to be able to do the same thing. Short of rebooting the workstation between applications is it possible to refresh the Workstation helper?

Further information: an example of how I normally distribute programs. Program A Install ZEN application installs the software and has it's own set of availability/distribution rules. Program A ZEN app refreshes application explorer as part of a Run after termination Launch script.

Program A Prefs ZEN app has distribution rules to look for the existence of the newly installed Program A.

In this way, first I install a program, then set preferences for it only if it is installed. Then this prefs app sticks around to make sure that if someone changes a pref it gets put back.