I have a Groupwise system which is running one domain, one post office, and approximately 300 users - and it's running on a SLES 10 server. It has a dedicated Groupwise data drive which is a mapped LUN in our SAN.

I would like to move this system on to "new hardware" (a VMware virtual machine) which will also run SLES 10.

Is this process as easy as building the new machine, connecting the LUN (and mounting it), then running through the Groupwise setup to install the agents? The IP address will be the same as the old server, so I shouldn't have to change anything in DNS, right?

I've read somewhere that I should delete the Groupwise-related objects in ConsoleOne, that they would be recreated during the setup on the new system. I'm a little worried about this step.

There is a ton of documentation on moving from Netware to SLES, or Windows to SLES, but I have seen very little in regards to SLES to SLES. Any help you guys can offer will be most appreciated.