Upgraded to 10.3a from 10.2.1 last weekend.

Having trouble with ZEN Agent 10.3a when restoring image to device (Windows XP).

My machine will install Novell Client 4.91 SP5 and ZEN Agent 10.3a (after imaging and sysprep).

Computer boots ok, and pre-Agent fully installs. First bundle starts to install and reboots normally.

Then Agent start downloading Knowledge Base. I got an download error, then Bundles stops installing.

Install July.PRU, now Knowledge Base downloads without any errors, but ZEN Agent 10.3a just sits there and does NOTHING.

"ZAC ref" does nothing, even a reboot. Computer will sit there for HOURS (set ZCM 1 hour part. refresh, 2 hours full refresh).

I change my Imaging Bundle to use ZEN Agent 10.2.0. Computer works very happily, bundle fully installs.

Tried ZEN Agent 10.2.1, computer boots up as an "Unmanaged Device", previous version of ZCM was 10.2.1.

I would love to get ZEN Agent 10.3a to work. Login time seems faster, when I upgrade one of my existing Windows XP with ZEN Agent 10.2 to 10.3a (or is it because the ZEN Agent 10.3a broken?!?)