Hello all,

i have many users that are using rules to move new emails to subfolders etc.

And here is my problem. Let's say that user makes folder named "ABC" with subfolders "123", "456" etc. Now he makes a new rule: move new email to folder "ABC".

Every new email drops to the new folder "ABC", but there's a problem. It looks like that every new email is at top of the folder (not as 1st unread email). It doesn't matter if there's any subfolder, it just ignores it and stays at the top.

For example: user gets 5 new emails. So at the top of folder "ABC" are 5 new unread emails, than there are subfolders and than there are already read emails.

Now user clicks on another folder and comes back to folder "ABC" and folder sorts itself. I mean that at the top are subfolders, than there unread emails etc. It's realy annyoing.

Is it possible to make subfolders to stay allways on top of folder and any incoming emails are sorted under?

client: 8.0.1 multi (8.0.2beta does the same)


P.S. This happens only in version 8, version 7 is ok.