We are running Groupwise Mobile Server 3.01 Windows platform and our users are all using PDA's running Windows Mobile 5 to 6.5.

I have a user for who I need to disable all emailsyncing.

I've created a group of which this user is a member. This group has the following profiles

for PocketPC/Win CE:
- Push/Readysync - is the default profile
- Inbox & Outbox - a profile with all settings are disabled for both Sync en SyncXpress
- Drafts - a profile with all settings disabled for both Sync en SyncXpress
- Sent Items - a profile with all settings disabled for both Sync en SyncXpress
- PIM - is the default profile
- Security/Encryption - a profile that enforces numerical four number pin

For Server:
- Wireless Email User - is the default profile with custom settings for the number of days in the past
- WEB/WAP Security - is the default profile
- Client Install/Deployment - is the default profile
- Push - a profile in which the email option is disabled
- Alert - is the default profile
- Groupwise - is the default profile
- LDAP GAL lookup - is the default profile

By default profile I mean we mostly left all the settings of a default installation in tact. The default settings on all profiles is what all other users apart from this one use.

Configured like this email isn't pushed to the device, but manual syncs initiated by the user DOES sync email. Does anyone know how to turn that off as well?