Hello all,

I am trying to configure WOL to work across our WAN but it does not appear to be working.

Our WAN is connected via Cisco routers that connect our buildings via fiber, so no outside connectivity on these links. There are 2 ethernet cards in each router, one connected to the local LAN and the other connecting to our ISPs switch to connect our fiber links.

I have configured the source of the WOL packets router's interface connected to the internal LAN with the IP helper broadcast addresses for the networks it will wake up. I have also configured the router for IP forward-protocol UDP 7 and 9.

On the remote site router, I have configured just the IP directed-broadcast for the router interface connected to the local LAN.

It still will not wake up the remote devices.

Once I get this setup and working, I will lock down the remote wake up to our ZCM server with an access list but for now, I just need to get it working.

Here are the particulars for the devices we are using:

ZCM 10.3 - latest patch levels
Cisco 2821 routers

Steve D.

I have also configured