I have a file bundle for making changes to gateway and mask on xp. It includes a couple of files (a vbs file and a text file) uploaded to the content server, a folder create task and a batch file to run the files. All actions are under the Install tab (nothing under launch). Assigned to devices, it runs like a champ with no user intervention required when launched from nal window.

We have all workstations set to wake up in the middle of the night for patches, virus scans, etc and then shut down. I've tried setting the bundle to run from a distribution schedule on a specific date during that time; start immediately; install immediately after distribution.

The folder is created, but the files don't get copied and there's no evidence that the script runs. All actions are set to run as system. I'm trying to test on a pc now by assigning it 5 minutes from now and rebooting the pc so it refreshes, but still no dice.

What am I missing? Thanks.