I tried this in another forum before i realized that clntrust.exe issues
seem to be addressed here.

It seems that dwntrust.exe doesn't actually work ?!?!
(Note - I was also told that it doesn't work in BorderManager ATT, with no
fix in sight)

In order to clear previous iterations of clntrust.exe, I have installed on
users' login scripts:

If I have users re-login,
- the Client32 results screen shows an error
- they wind up with multiple iterations of clntrust
- they wind up with multiple "little red keys" in the systray.

Furthermore, if users open a Citrix-delivered application (on a Citrix
server that has Client32 installed), it runs the client32 in the
background, and won't release the clntrust.exe when the user closes the
Citrix session. The result is that the Citrix session stays open on the
Citrix server, until the Citrix server is overloaded with sessions.

I understand that Citrix is not your product, but since dwntrust.exe is
your product, I"m hoping for some help here?