Situation: Netware 6.5 SP 7 to OES2 SP2 on SLES10 SP3 migration
What: Trying to migrate iPrint, File System and DHCP as well as move DNS while performing Transfer ID

Have read many threads, TIDs and documentation concerning the migration to OES2 on Linux. Seems lots of people frustrated and others simply don't have any problems - we are part of the frustrated crowd.


file system - transfers fine

iPrint - haven't had any of the 3 migrations work beyond the printers being moved. Had to redo all access control lists and printer driver profiles on all 3 servers. **Netware Print Manager is directed to VOL1:

iPrint has not finished without errors once in the miggui migration wizard.

DNS - when are you supposed to move the DNS server as part of the migration? Always end up with a DNS_{temp server name} entry. Have created a new DNS_{proper server name} entry, reassigned and works - seems there should be a better, more clean way.

DHCP - the migration wizard has said for the 2 servers we have migrated DHCP that it worked but the results prove otherwise. So many questions: Should there be only 1 locator object in the entire tree or a locator object for each DHCP server? Where should the new OESDHCP_{proper server name} and SERVICE be located in the OU? What files, in what directories, on the Linux server should we check to make sure the configuration is properly setup?

Is there a specific order that the migration should be processed? We are trying to follow the "Novell Open Enterprise Server Migration Administration Guide 2 SP2, November 2009" and take advise from the forums, but it's not working.

Should we do each service separately and choose 'Consolidation' instead of everything at once as 'Transfer ID'?

Frustrated Administrator Comment: Does Novell realize that many system admins are contemplating moving away from Novell to Windows server because of the problems and learning curve associated with this migration? (assumed from reading many forum posts) We prepared with a couple classes that addressed basic Linux management but didn't realize we had to be Linux masters to be able to manage an OES2 server on Linux.

This is only the starting point. We still have to do all the post migration monkey business, try to find the right notes to install ZENworks (whole other post needed for ZEN) and get our users back to normal operating parameters in a short amount of time, which is hard to do when every hiccup in the install - and there are many - costs about an hour.