Hi everybody

in our environment we want to have a connection from a Sever (NW 5.1 SP7,
edit with BM3.8 SP2A) as child proxy via an other sever (NW 5.1
SP7, edit with BM3.8 SP2A) as parent proxy to a linux system,
running Webwasher CSM Suite 5.02.

The client with clntrust (may 13, 2004) doesn't authenticate.

The authentication should be done with the new feature in BM3.8 SP2
called "X-Authenticated-User". We set this feature in proxy.cfg as
described in TID with BM3.8 SP2. with ip adress of parent proxy.

From Webwasher side, I setup the system with an technician from
distributor. With LDAP I can read all of NDS.

What should we configure or change in our environment that authentication
will work. We didn't find more information in BM description as we set in

Does it run over two chaining proxys.

user have a profile in webwasher system, but without working
authentication he only have default profile (from webwasher system)