I am running my DNS server on an OES2/SLES 10 SP3 server. For the most part things seem to be working however, I am having a problem with the DNS forwarding to my outside DNS servers ( and

I have my server set to forward to those addresses, but my workstations are having trouble accessing some sites, Yahoo mail, different web sites, Google seems to be fine but when I click on the links in Google page or web server cannot be found.

However when I added the outside servers to my DHCP server, in addition to my internal one, which is then handed out to the workstations, my machines are able to browse like normal, is there something specific that I need to do to the DNS server on the OES2 side, I have always worked with a NetWare DNS server so still learning my way through the OES2 side of things.

Would I need to set the DNS server as an Authoritative? Just wondering because I had to do that to the DHCP server for OES2 to make option 78 work,