In general GroupWise Software Distribution Directories are a colossal
pain in the arse!!! I avoid them at all costs!!!

However if you wish to create a new post office you must create a SDD as
the post office creation dialogue requires this. If you find that when
you create a SDD the dialogue sits there, dumb as can possibly be, with
the hour glass spinning and never completing the reason is probably
because you do not have a “mount path” set.

I've no idea what a mount path is or what purpose it serves – the
documentation doesn't give any clues - but not having it set will cause
this behaviour.

If you see this behaviour delete your ConsoleOne preferences
(SnapinPrefs.ser and ShellPrefs.ser under /root/.consoleone) and when you
start ConsoleOne at the dialogue that asks to set a "mount path" make
sure you do not press Cancel but enter something and press OK. I don't
think it matters much what is entered but don't let it be null or it will
cause the problem described above.

This is an example of the sloppy and lazy way that Novell write their
code, if not having this set is such a problem then it should throw a
meaningful error at some point in the process described above.

I am not posting here for help, I am posting because I wasted hours of my
valuable time struggling with this rubbish and perhaps I can spare
someone else the same hassle.