When creating a new GroupWise post office under an existing domain you
may encounter an issue where it complains about being unable to access
the view files, presents a message indicating that you need to refresh
the view files after the post office has been created but then the
dialogue never completes and the dialogue box stays open (and no post
office is created).

This may happen on domains created before GroupWise 7, apparently. The
work around to this issue is to create a directory named wpoffice in the
root of the domain directory and copy ngwguard.dc from the installation
files under this directory.

This is an example of the sloppy, lazy and incompetent way that Novell
write their lousy code. If not having this directory and file present is
such a problem then it should be documented and/or the code should throw
a meaningful error.

I am not posting here for help, I am posting because I wasted hours of my
valuable time struggling with this rubbish and perhaps I can spare
someone else the same hassle.