the situation: GW 7.04, NW 6.5 SP8, 3 servers, 1 domain, 3 post, 1 gwia,
3 post offices, about 3000 mailboxes

the tasks: upgrade to GW 8, move to new hardware, move to linux,
reorganize post offices, "clusterize"

One scenario I'm considering looks like this:

* install two servers with OES2 and NCS
* install GW7
* create secondary domain, promote to primary
* upgrade primary domain to GW8
* create new GW8 PO, create test mailbox
* do some testing
* move a few users from old GW7 PO to new GW8 PO
* do a lot of testing
* create final GW POs
* move all mailboxes to their target POs

The main question that bothers me: this way of doing it is based on
moving every single mailbox to a new PO; that is, about 3000 will be
moved. Other scenarios might limit this to serveral hundred.

Is (mass) moving mailboxes a 'dangerous' operation? Is moving mailboxes
as a main part of a migration scenario a suspect idea?