Hi All

I support 5 offices. 50 users per office. Internet VPN links them up.

Each location has an OES2 SP2 (sles) server that functions as the
location's primairy file and print server

The people in my oraganization constantly move from office to office
because they are primarily a mobile workforce

I set it up so when they are at a location that is not their primary
one, when they log in there are actually mapped locally to their home
directory and shares

I am right now manually making syncs of the data (/NSS/USERS &
/NSS/DATA) using a desktop tool called beyond compare

I was told to use RSYNC

So I need to replicate across all 5 locations all the USERS and DATA nss
volumes but I need to set it up to do a more frequently scheduled sync

maybe all sync to HQ and then back out every 15 min or something?

Has anyone done anything like this? is it possible? How would you sync
the nss trustee rights? (in case new folders and rights are assigned etc)

Any assistance/suggestions would be appreciated