I'm planning OES2 installation on XEN. In Novell documentation I read this:

"For the best performance on a Xen guest server, NSS pools and volumes on NetWare should be created on block storage devices that are local SCSI devices, Fibre Channel devices, iSCSI devices, or partitions on those types of devices. SATA or IDE disks have slower performance because special handling is required when working through the Xen driver to ensure that data writes are committed to the disk in the order intended before it reports back."

Is this issue related to Netware only or also to OES Linux, which I'd like to install?
I'd like to have SLES11SP1 as XEN host system and OES2sp2a as guest. For the guest I'm planning to create one 30gb partition for the system, and after installing OES I want to create NSS partition for data. I need good perfomance of copying data from/to this partition.