I am using nbmgr 3.7/sp2 on netware 6/sp3. I use dns proxy, access
control lists & http proxy. There is a website that people using the
proxy server cannot get to. They get a 502 Bad gateway. DNS host name
resolution failed. Yet, when a pc that has a static private ip address
mapped to a public on the bmgr server (for PC anywhere) that PC can get
to the website. What is up with that? When I go into the proxy console
and display the dns cache entry for that website it says it is not in
the cache. I use a browser and try to browse to it and it fails using
the proxy but using a PC with a mapped ip I can access it. And, on the
bmgr server I can ping that website using its name - it resolves to the
ip address and pings away. Where am I having the problem?

Thank you for your help