I have a NW 6.0 sp3 server with Border Manager 3.7. Users are prompted to
login to Border Manager when they open their browser. If they DO NOT log
in they are able to access any web site either by going to a new URL or
closing the browser and opening it up again. I have run pkidiag and
everything is fixed. I do not have any rules in effect other than the
default. If I create an allow rule for "Allow Any" they are still
prompted for the login. I have noticed on the server console when I make
changes in NWADMIN the "Not Multiple" error on Proxy.NLM appears. Is
Proxy.NLM suppose to unload and reload when you make a change to the
Border Manager Server parameters? Also, this server did have a different
name and IP address at one time. I have changed all of the files per the
TID on changing a server name and IP address. Any clues? Appreciate any