Hi All,

We've recently upgraded our BM server from NW 6.5 sp1, and BM 3.8 to NW
6.5 sp2 and BM 3.8sp2a. Since upgrading we have a handful of users who
have been unable to use this server as their proxy server.

I have checked IE and the settings for the proxy server are still there. I
even went to the extent of deleting the entries from IE & the registry and
re-entering them again without success. IE just sits and tries to load the
page. Clntrust shows no failed of attempted connections. Clients can ping
the server fine, and have mapped drives to it. SSL authentication is also
enabled. They are not prompted to login, and recieve no error messages.

If I alter the proxy settings to use another proxy server (non BM), the
settings work and they can access the internet. The issue is that this
isn't the recommended proxy server for them to be using. Id dearly love to
have them use the BM server for access.