Hi all,

We have a problem on one of our OES servers.

We can no longer list the contents of directories on NSS volumes, except with the utility "ls". For example, if you're typing something in the shell, and try to use the auto-complete file names (TAB), it works only if the file is not on NSS volume (eg / home).

This is impacting on applications like SARG, which is configured to write its' reports in an NSS volume (/ media / nss / squid / sarg). It can generate the reports, but can not generate the indexes correctly (index.html).

I think the problem is related to some dynamic library; the "ls" is probably statically linked, so the library issue would not affect him.

The system is a Suse SLES 9 OES + 32 bits. We can not upgrade to newer versions at this time.