My client had their 6.0 server go down and I am trying to set up a temporary server so we can restore the tape backup. I have done the 6.0SP5 install successfully and it is running, but I cannot add the network driver.

The network card is a broadcomm 57xx series and I have downloaded the required file on to a floppy. Using nwconfig, I choose to add the drivers and the path is set to the defaul of A:\, but the program returns that it could not find the driver file, and error code nwconfig-6-309.

The issue is this: I'm not sure if it can't find the file, or it can't read the floppy drive. The drive light never comes on. The floppy is detected in the BIOS. I even tried another physical drivei n case that was the problem.

Am I missing a step to mount the floppy drive?