CONFIG: NW65SP2, BM38SP2A, eDir 8732.

After applying eDir 8732 update to all of the NW servers, BM Proxy
Authentication stopped functioning. Client Trust on the WIN workstations
did not stop. Access from a MAC or a WIN not running client trust did not
work. Prior to this eDir update there were no issues. We have isolated the
authentication to the fact that there was no R/W replica of the users
context on the BM server. After applying a R/W replica to the BM server the
proxy authentication started to work. This was never the case in the past.
I realize that the resolution could be to create R/W replicas of all of the
associated contexts on the BM server. However this is a school district
with a large number of user contexts to deal with, and the overhead involved
would seem to be a little excessive. The especially true since this was not
required in the past.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions.

In advance,