My Teaming uses two different eDirectory containers.
The first container have the normal account and the second store ldap aliases to users account from different container.
Both containers are correctly synchronized but only users who are "normal user object" can login to Teaming.
In catalina.out I found
Users who are aliases in ldap container can not login to Teaming but can login to eDirectory with ndslogin command
so alias and password is good for this users.

2010-07-09 10:01:06,294 WARN [http-8443-4] [org.kablink.teaming.module.authentication.impl.Aut henticationModuleImpl] - Authenticat
ion failure for zone 131: org.springframework.security.BadCredentialsExcepti on: Bad credentials; nested exception is org.kablink.te
aming.security.authentication.PasswordDoesNotMatch Exception: Password does not match for user pszewczuk

I think the problem is with the standard filter used in ldap connection setup but I do not know what I have set up
so that users who are aliases in eDirectory able to login to Teaming.
Does anyone use aliases as ldap usernames?

Piotr Szewczuk