Hi All,

Got a quandary here. I am moving users over, during a move I got some errors with some user mailboxes, at least that is what User Move status reported. I could not retry the move or get pending tasks. The only options available were clear status. Thinking clear status did not seem to be a destructive option I did it. According to the docs if there are updated status's it will show up, but I have not seen updated status's saying the move was successful. If I go to the new Domain/PO I see the user there and their email appears to be working fine, I am just not sure if the actual mail moved over to the new Domain/PO. If I do a standalone GWCheck against the old Domain/PO and put the user name in it the GWCheck does find the user and does run a check on it, but I have not run a remove free space of other compression runs.

When I run a GWCheck against the new PO with users that error'd some work and some don't.

Besides User Move status, is there another way to check for stuck users?