I'll submit an RMS request for this, but one of the more annoying things is that if the installation goes "wrong" during the database install (ie, installing to Oracle, or external SYBAS, or SQL), you cannot just "redo" the database part

Rather, it rolls EVERYTHING back and you have to start all over from scratch.

Could we have like a "retry" button or something in case we butter-fingered something to re-enter it?

Also the documentation for Oracle, lists that you should review database information and review SQL scripts

So here I am thinking that the install screen/summary actually gives you this information.

It does not.

Where pray tell, is the database info on the summary? Oh, that's right, it's not there.

SQL scripts? No mention of them at all in the product documentation for Oracle, let alone trying to find them on the install summary.

I know our Oracle folks were quite interested to see what the scripts would actually attempt to do (I know this was a major issue with ZAM and getting Novell to even release the scripts, let alone support them). Seems that mentality has carried over to ZCM.