Hi All,

This should be one of the simplest things, but it defeats me. I have downloaded and installed the DNSDHCP Java Console for Linux on my SLED11 workstation. I start it up and am presented with a login screen:

Server Address: [ ] Port: [ 636 ]
(e.g. 192.168.xxx.xxx)
Username: [ ]
(e.g. cn=admin,o=companyname)
Password: [ ]
[v] Use SSL


Server address: is that supposed to be my OES DNS/DHCP server? Or my eDir server? I've tried each.
Username: is that supposed to be my tree admin? I've tried it.
Password: I think I got this one.
SSL: I *think* my server is set up for SSL, but I'm not sure. I've tried it both ways.

I have tried every combination except the one that works. Can anyone suggest something that I may be missing?