We've been a ZENworks customer for years and years, and now have an established 10.2.2 primary server in our corporate headquarters hosting about 425 clients. It's been working well, but the time has come to install Satellite servers in our remote locations and retire their ZDM7sp1 NetWare servers.

The only thing I'd change about our current setup is that I wish I would have used our active directory certificate authority rather than the internal ZCM certificate.

I'd also like to update our Primary Server at our headquarters to 10.3 before adding the satellite for our remote sites. This is to take advantage of the LDAP redundancy and Satellite updates for 10.3.

Is there a way to combine a certificate server change with the 10.3 server upgrade?

I will have both of the servers in our datacenter at the corporate headquarters for a short time while content replicates.