I am testing the Novell Mobility Pack. I created a GroupWise network in our workroom and I am using WI-FI as the mean to connect my iPhone to my test network. Everything seemed to be installed fine, I can connect from my iPhone to the test network; however, when I tried to get the e-mail, I get the "unable to connect to the server." In my web research, one of the suggestions is to point my browser to the https:\\myserver and I am getting "IE cannot display the webpage" so I need to make sure port 443 is open and/or not blocked. The firewall is off; tomcat and apache are not installed. I would really appreciate it if anybody tells me in a very simple way how to open (or check that is not blocked) this port in a SUSE Linux enterprise server 11 since I am new in the Linux world.

Thank you very much.