After applying a mess of Red-Carpet updates, including 12612 for Xfree86 (urgent - security), I find a vncserver screen is broken.

This problem shows up only when connecting to a "virtual screen", not the default "screen", (X, KDE) to which I cab connect via IP:1) which also exists. And appears to function normally.

In other words, we are running vncserver and telling it to start an additional "screen".

ex: "vncserver :n -depth foo -name bar"

Backing out the updates resolved my issue.

Can connect to the "screen", but the normal "desktop" (terminal console) does not appear. The menu does.

When launching vncserver it complains about "too many resources". As it does each time I attempt to connect.

The rpms for the update are:


I did not isolate which one(s) contributed to the problem.

And, gentlefolk, I post for information share and for a potential solution, not for lectures on various tangent issues. Thanks.

Any assistance on how to fix this *on what I am currently running* would be appreciated.

joe a.