hoping someone can talk me off the ledge here with zcm satellites / patching...I have a setup with 5 sles10sp3 OES2sp2 servers running with the satellite agent installed. i have 1 primary zcm server which is running internal sybase. The entire organization has maybe 80 devices / users etc (so rather small). Each location has 1 of the OES2 servers with the main office having an oes2 server as well as the zcm server (running on sles10sp3) i currently have about 20 or so agents installed, and things like remote control, policies etc, seem to be working with no issues (or at least tolerable ones) Patching seems to be flip a coin if it wants to work or not. Some machines it does, others it doesnt. Some patches never disappear etc etc..when the oes2 server were first put in, they were not installed with the intentions of being satellite servers, and were built with only a 40gb "/" partition and the rest was all used for NSS. So in order to setup the content repo directory structure on the satellites, we decided to try using an external usb drive, and then creating a symbolic link to it for content-repo..(this appears to have worked..as i was able to a manual export of the content repo from zcm server to usb device, then attach the device to remote satellite server, do my symbolic link, and everything looks ok (at least to me) Now when i look into the "content" folder, i see lots of subfolders that appear to be "pointers" or "shortcuts" for lack of a better term, and there is no actual data in them. I setup the sat server with all the content types and when to do them after hours etc, however nothing appears to move over to the sat server. After this long and drawn out explanation (sorry) i was hoping someone out there, could give a quick punch list of steps that need to be done to get content over to a sat server. Like to i have to go under bundles and constantly add each new folder that comes in for critical updates in order for it to be copied over?? I guess i'm just really confused..i've read / reread the instructions, and i personally think they're awful, but i'm def missing something..and any help would be greatly appreciated..